Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Line Dance Workshop

This workshop is designed for the new dancer; individuals who are interested in learning the basic steps and how to sync the steps to the beats. My aim is to help build confidence and skill into the new dancer. Anyone can learn to line dance regardless of age. 

 I started taking line dancing serious when I was 69 years old.  In the past, I had participated in activities such as Aerobics and Zumba classes, but found that as I aged these activities became detrimental to my body. Then I discovered line dancing which I found subtly toned my body and improved my memory while I was having fun.

Today I am 72 and can honestly say that line dancing changed my life and can change your too.  My motto is "Add life to your years and years to your life." So if you are seeking a fulfilling activity, why not give line dancing a try.

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